buffalo snow deck painting

create a fusion style skateboard deck painting

fusion skateboard art by davej

2011 03 paint pen and acrylic on 7-ply hardrock canadian maple

concept, design, illustration, colors

We do not see a difference between the gas and the buffalo. It is all part of our world. As we once were helped by the buffalo and used them wisely, so we can now be helped by the gas, if we use it wisely. We believe it is best to take the goods of the earth with care and not spend them recklessly. We are no longer alone in believing that the earth will not provide for people forever unless every resource that is used is spent with consciousness of the future.

–Chief John Snow, 1977

the canvas for this piece is a pretty much new condition deck from a burton snowdeck i found at the second-hand shop.
this piece was inspired by a quote from the late rev chief john snow, a family friend who worked to see justice for his people and the land.
the white buffalo is an especially cool creature in the native tradition and even spotting one is generally a privilege and honour.
this was my first piece using the new acrylic i found in town, i am pretty stoked about the color and performance so i will get more flavours now.

this signed original work is currently in a private collection in ashiya, japan.



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