glimpse forever - how to fold

A. click on an issue linked below to open the web page (firefox or safari is good)

B. print the page and trim off the excess paper around the edges (photos 1-2)

C. fold in half and cut on the line between the bottoms of the center pages…3/4 and 7/8 (photos 3-5)

D. fold into a mini-book and enjoy…collect them all! (photos 6-15)

2011-02 – mini ramp skate birds, japanese love and lights glitter in the february air

2011-01 – the ocean and a burnin’ love bug

2010-12 – kauai skimboarding and font snowflakes

glimpse forever zine – the world needs your colour
glimpse forever zine – the world needs your colour

outside the edge of sight, beneath the shifting earth,
behind a trick of light, i glimpse forever.

–mortal //neplusultra //fathom //1993

what the world needs is your color.

–tamakizushi // //2010

what it is: a small-format interactive digital/print remix of selected works and thoughts to ponder.

what to do with it: enjoy! read, share, collect, cut, color, remix, add to, or mash-up.

what zine is: a printed or photocopied d.i.y. publication, often related to art, music, or revolution.

why it is called that: zine is possibly shortened from the word magazine. (/ˈziːn/ zeen)