forged damascus cross

create a pattern-welded steel and bronze cross.

crossed heart forge

1994 10 forge welded steel and bronze, 12cm x 6cm

concept, forge-welding, brazing, finishing

this began as an experiment in forge-welding “damascus” type patterns using steels of varying hardness.
as it was not large enough for a blade, the test piece became a jewellery project.
it was finished by forge welding two pieces into a cross and then brazing a ring made of bronze brought from the congo on the back and adding a steel ring and leather cord.

though this is my first attempt at pattern-welding, it is one of the few finished pieces that made it out of the shop during that time.
in order to save materials and time, i tended to put off the forge-welding projects until i was more confident in the results.

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