blacksmith apprenticeship

create a collection of basic blacksmith projects to work from.

crossed heart forge

1992 05 mild steel

forming, finishing

most of the work here was created much earlier as part of my short-term apprenticeship with mr. emmanuel schrock in ohio, usa, 1992.
mr. schrock, an artist blacksmith renowned for his fine detail, was kind enough to patiently introduce me to the basic skills of many smithing techniques.

when i officially opened my shop later that year, i was able to build on his instruction and improve my skill with the hammer and anvil.
i operated the shop part time in the winter and full time in the summers from my first year of high school in 1993 until well after i finished university when the building was relocated.

the knife and cross were created later in my own shop and can be found here:

forged damascus cross

ebony horn hamon knife

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