city of hope mural

create a brush-painted mural depicting community and life issues in calgary downtown.


1992 06 acrylic on masonite, 4′ x 8′

as a team: concept, research, design, illustration

this was part of an ongoing study of arts and culture formally and informally woven into the social studies and language arts curriculum throughout my jr.high experience.
along with three other students, i designed and created this project as a final presentation of our studies on community in the city of calgary.
the inspiration for this project was the calgary downtown, specifically the issues of preservation of historic sandstone buildings and of homelessness.

some of the issues explored also included pollution, energy, environment, maintenance, crime, safe playspaces, urban planning, community and connection, and helping one another out.
the latin inscription on the sandstone facade reads, “amor vincit omnia” which translates to, “love conquers all”.
the work is entitled city of hope because, though we depicted two equally possible futures, we chose to believe that the positive course was possible and certainly should be pursued.
as the project progressed, we decided to dedicate the mural to the non-profit organization calgary urban project society (c.u.p.s.) who had been instrumental in opening the eyes of our class to the reality of downtown life.

thanks to ms. lorraine cockle and ms. sandra niedermier for their dedication to allowing students to explore authentic artistic and cultural experiences and to matt hayden, jesse powell, and haik shimoon for their long hours and collaborative efforts to bring this work to completion.

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