nihon bashi handboard deck

design and paint custom artwork on a handboard deck.


2010 12 paint pens on plastic

concept, design, artwork

this project began as a rough sketch of a deck idea and then became part of my ongoing series of hybrid traditional and modern designs.
i wanted to create a piece that would allow the traditional to come through more clearly from the background and not be dominated by the graffiti layer. next round i want to study the traditional bridge architecture more carefully rather than freestyle it from memory.

the small size of the handboard deck limited the amount of detail i could include, but made the task easier to complete in a day.
i scuffed the plastic surface before painting, but this type of plastic is not a great surface to work on in general.
it was painted entirely with posca-uni and finished with a clear coat of spray. thanks for providing the creative space, liz!

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