wendepunkt flyer

update and re-issue a combination brochure and schedule calendar designed to communicate and connect with university students.


2009 10 vector illustration and typesetting

concept, design, layout, vector illustration, print preparation

So far I can say we are set..the first comment was, "oh yes, this is my favourite flyer."
And the second comment was, "is this from your Japanese friend?"

– herr oliver, event organizer

in 2007, the passau chapter of smd.org contacted us to create a new flyer to replace their aging desktop publishing special.
the flyer needed to attract attention, communicate the purpose and goals of the campus group, and provide the calendar schedule of events for the year.

the goal of this project was to update the half-page flyer to reflect the current schedule of events and add new contact information.
working with german text made it necessary for both parties to take extra care in the content creation and editing stages.


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