drsfriesen native legends book

design and create a hand cut and inked petroglyph-inspired stencil illustration for each of fifty-four stories based on traditional north american native legends.


2009 03 hand illustrations 25cm x 36cm stencil and hand-drawn ink on paper

concept and topic selection, theme and style consultation, design, hand cut and inked stencils, hand drawn illustration

We are just reading the galleys of the 50 legends book…the drawings and petroglyphs are spectacular!!

Good ideas…great style on the artwork too. The publisher was blown away when we sent in the book artwork…very impressive, we will contact you right away when the next book comes along!

– drsfriesen, aboriginal resources and information

drsfriesen is a creator and publisher of educational books related to north american native history, art, and culture. this book is an illustrated children’s collection of native first-peoples origin stories and legends. the illustration style is based on petroglyphs and pictographs.


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