eaina promo website

create a promotional micro site for a university of calgary summer art program.

2005 03 html, images

design, layout, development, photography, content, hosting

in 2005, davej was invited to create and teach a jr. high art course as part of the university of calgary’s summer success gifted education program.
exploring art in north america ran for two weeks and touched on historical and modern forms of art originating in north america including west coast and plains native art, and graffiti.
students investigated artists, techniques, styles, and the motivations behind the expression of various works.

the goal of this project was to get some basic information about the course and instructor out to the prospective students before registration day and to provide some framework and background to the topics on the syllabus.

beware of broken links! and layout tables! the code: site/index1.htm

check out: eaina art course website project

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