troyer signs website 1

create an online presence for a graphic design and sign shop in wooster, ohio.

2004 06 xhtml, css, illustration

layout, design, wire framing, development, content, photography

these people hold a special place in my heart, not only because they are a rad couple who are staying true to their art and creating value doing what they enjoy, and not only because they love the islands of hawaii, but also because they had enough confidence in me to become my first paying web clients.

the goal of this project was to create an online presence for troyer signs inc, a well-established graphic design and custom sign business.
the site layout was designed around the troyer signs logo and uses dark colors to highlight the portfolio of design work done by the shop.
there are also several style references to hawaii, a life-long destination of inspiration for the business owners.

the site actually has two incarnations, the first take was a dreamweaver generated layout that relies on nasty things like frames, text as images, and tables and was online for about a year.
the second, a ninja installation added after some online education and a bit of trial and error, was a close recreation of the same design and layout using hand-coded xhtml and css and was online until about 2007 when a local designer began to take care of the site.

take 2: beware of broken links! and the flash! the code: 2/home.htm

take 1: beware of broken links! and the flash! and frames! and text as images! the code: 1/index1.htm

the current site:

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