website 2

design and create a new site for an international skateboard collective and distribution hub.

2004 05 html, swf

design, development, illustration, hosting, content

project skateboard and ramp design co. is an international skate collective that has existed in various forms since 2001.
on the occasion of the third anniversary, the team felt it was high time for an update from the original site style and code.
major changes in this version include the addition of the local riders profile section, and more of a focus on the distribution and side projects of the collective.
the entry page links to the projectskates, decade skateboards, fivewheelco., and the pirates of skimm sites.

beware of broken links! and flash! and frames! and text as images! the code: site/index1.htm

current site:

check out: website 4 project

check out: website 3 project

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