soulsmithing website theme

develop a theme for a canadian/japanese swordsmithing site.

code by project77

2011 05 custom wordpress theme: html5, css, php, javascript (jquery)

code, initial theme installation, content migration

pierre nadeau is a fellow canadian and ‘smith who apprenticed as a japanese swordsmith in nara from 2005-2011.
after several years of maintaining each new page individually in both french and english (and sometimes japanese), the convenience of a wordpress based blog convinced him to begin moving some of his core site content into the database as well.
the goal of this project was to allow the soulsmithing author(s) to focus on content creation rather than html page development.
the design and layout reflects the structure and style of the html site and allows both to operate together during the migration.

the site theme takes advantage of wordpress features such as dynamic sidebars and widgets and a multi-language plugin to allow the soulsmithing crew to take over and begin to enjoy content management for the site.

this site is built on the twentyten[5] theme.
go get it and build something sweet.


current site:


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