exploded view truck grip art

create illustrated grip art of an exploded-view skateboard truck

skateboard grip art by project77

2011 01 paint pen and permanent ink on grip tape

concept, design, illustration, colors

i had a sweet blue posca-uni in my pocket on the train today so i began to sketch on my griptape with the idea of drawing an over-sized exploded diagram of a bearing-wheel assembly on a skate truck.
we were on the way to hang out at sunset surf shop in kobe, so between runs on the (slick!) d.i.y. in-shop miniramp, i added to the drawing and completed the truck hangar.
on the way home i finished the baseplate and worked on the color.
i am really stoked about how the blue outline pops against the grip and the fill colors.

thanks to hama~san at sunset surf for letting us chill and skate at the shop and check out your rad collection of skateboard history.
next time we will skate together, rei~chan!






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