website 2

design and develop a theme for a japanese community outreach site.

code and design by project77

2011 06 custom wordpress theme: html5, css, php, javascript (jquery)

ia, header photo, design, color, code, initial theme installation, content migration

part social, part philosophical, and part spiritual, the site was long in need of some content and design love.
in addition, some of the focus and goals had shifted with the user base over the years and the site needed to catch up with them.
the goal of this project was to move the site into wordpress, reorganize the information and layout, and give it a fresh, new, culturally and demographically appropriate look.
the new site is organized around the content type as well as the location and has a mobile-friendly layout as well.

the site theme takes advantage of wordpress features such as dynamic headers custom taxonomies and post-types to ease content management challenges for the site admins.

this site is built on the twentyten[5] theme.
go get it and build something sweet.


current site:

original site archive:

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