westlock skatepark mural

design and create a large-scale graf style mural to inspire local artists and visually connect the park into the larger community.


2009 07 graf illustration 2m x 16m spray and roller on concrete

concept, theme, design, spray and roller art, skating the park, and hanging out with the local skate kids

This is way cooler than all the other stuff…it’s pretty intense.

– local park skater

tamaki and davej were invited by the recreational director of the town of westlock, ab, canada to design and create a large graf-style mural in the local skatepark.
the project was completed within a twenty-four hour period, and required approximately ten hours of painting time. featured characters include mochi the bear and a marshmallow ninja.

special thanks to albert and dorothy lyons who generously supplied all of the paint and equipment for the project.

mochi bear

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