for our being website 1

create a stylin’ band website for an osaka hip hop group.

2005 11 xhtml, css, illustration, swf animation

layout, design, development, illustration, hosting and domain admin

thanks ma man. it looks good! keep me updated! pce

–boss moss

up-and-coming 4rb a.k.a. for our being, a local hip hop act from osaka, needed a web site to express their brand identity and communicate with fans.
the goal of this project was to capture the global connectivity and japanese hip hop scene elements embraced by the band members.
many japanese youth connect to the internet primarily on mobile devices, so having a simple and fast-loading mobile version of the site, also tied to blogger, was important to the site project.

the second iteration of the site replaced html content with an iframe on most of the pages to allow the band members to edit and update content on the road via blogger.

beware the flash! the code: 4rb flashy enter page :: 4rb site page

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