jfdts class website 1

create a community website for the students of an international cultural exchange class.

2004 09 html, css, illustration, swf

layout, design, wire framing, illustration, development, content, photography, hosting

times of excellents…function in design concession. ever life, ever seeing dreams!

–kenishi moto, photographer and media editor

nate “is my homeboy” hakeem helped develop and lead the very first class of the japan focus school at the university of nations in kona, hawaii.
the school and its students from all over the world was known for out-da-box thinking, rocking the house, challenging the cultural norms (one of the regular events was known as “naked night”), and for a real love of the japanese people.

the goal of this project was to provide a connection point for students, a repository of photos, events, language lessons, and class notes that they could share with friends and family abroad.
the site features multilingual navigation, fun illustrations, engrish style inspirational quotes, and links to other useful japan-related sites.

davej later created a kind of rad site template for the japan focus dts school as well.

beware of broken links! and the flash! and frames! and text as images! the code: site/enter.htm

check out: jfdts school site project

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