is an artist of many trades and enjoys web and graphic design, teaching, and fixing things…

様々なジャンルのデザインに携わる。ウェブクリエーター、グラフィックデザイン等 趣味でいろいろなものを修復してます。

he is originally from western canada and has also spent time living in hawaii, korea, and japan.
he can usually be found with a keyboard, skateboard, or skimboard and aspires to spend more time in the studio in the near future.

  • from: canada (calgary and vancouver), lived in texas, congo, korea, ohio, hawaii, japan
  • skills: web and graphic design, teaching, metal work, problem-solving
  • interests: skateboard, skimboard, playing in the snow, spray-can art, creating music
  • projects: skateboard graphics and apparel, illustrating children’s literature, consulting
  • tools: mac osx, xhtml, html 5, css, wordpress, mamp, transmit, fireworks, illustrator, indesign, taco html edit, ableton live, gimp, swift 3d, balsamiq and napkee


is an educator, artist, UX/UI consultant, cardmaker, and ninja master of color…

教育関係、 UX/UIコンサルタント。趣味でカード作りをしてます。

she is originally from kansai, japan and has travelled, lived, and worked in several countries in europe, north america, africa, and australia.
she can usually be found reading, making cards, communicating with family and friends on the net, or discussing classic film.

  • from: japan (kansai)
  • skills: teaching, tesol, art, color consulting
  • interests: cardmaking, music, dance, performing arts, event management
  • projects: layout and design, user experience / user interface consulting, translation
  • tools: mac osx, bean, analog art tools like paper and pens

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