rad25 event poster

create a poster for the rad movie 25th anniversary event

rad, the movie 25th

2011 07 digitally remixed photographs and text

concept, design, colors, photography, typography, layout

a commemorative event twenty-five years after the release of the bmx movie rad, filmed in calgary and cochrane, has the potential to be a pilgrimage destination for bike riders of past and present.
the goal of this project was to create a quick, fun 80’s bmx radness inspired event poster to be included in an exhibition and silent auction to support the local bmx scene.

the image is of a sweet 1978 raleigh rampar that i rebuilt and customized several years back.
verdana bold italic steps in for cool, clean retro font action.
the finished work will be available at the event as a limited edition print.

check out the bike: /2000/moto-style-bmx/

the event site: http://www.25rad.com/

printed art in the recap: bmxmuseum.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=349402

and themovierad.com/p/memorabilia.html

display in the gallery/shop: bmxgallery.ca/2011/08/rad-25th-anniversary-screening-and.html

a rad documentary: araddocumentary.com/

rad the movie script: http://www.mosercreativeconcepts.com/145042851/

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