pechakucha 8 flyer

create a flyer for pechakucha night nishinomiya volume 8

hand lettered and digitally remixed pechakucha flyer

2011 02 digitally remixed photographs of a hand painted illustration

concept, design, illustration, colors, photography, typography, layout

Thanks for the hip artwork and smokin’ flyer for this event . . . way cool.

–brent jones, organizer

this project began as a larger-than-life hand-illustrated sign and was photographed and digitally remixed.
the original has a very different color palette than the finished flyer, but it is the combination of textures that come through strongly in the final version.
the finished work was distributed as an image over the web and printed in large-format for the on-site event display.

tamaki was mainly in charge of the color direction for this project, and i am stoked with the results.



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