peakfitness html email

develop a custom html email template for a canadian personal training company.

code and design by project77

2011 05 custom email template: xhtml, css

design, layout, color, code

peakfitness canada is a waterloo based personal training company that provides individual and group sessions at their private studio, as well as teaming up with corporations and companies to run in-house programs.
their promotional campaign for a new joint venture provided a timely opportunity to try out the newly released html email boilerplate in the wild.

the goal of this project was to provide an eye-catching and professional looking email for that all-important first-impression.
the design and layout reflects the structure and style of the website to unify the branding and presentation of the information.

live page: peak-fitness-personal-training-and-ncr.htm


other work: /tag/peakfitness/

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