zink mini ramp

deconstruct, repair, move, and rebuild a projectskates micro mini ramp.

2010 10 wood, skatelite, steel

consulting, construction, fabrication, “the screw check”

zink is a live-house, sports, club combo in fukae-hama.
they wanted to expand their bmx and skate events into skateboard programs for children.
projectskates loves kids skate stuff and knew of a micro mini ramp needing a new home.
davej disassembled the ramp and repaired the damage of three years weather and thrashing, kossy and taguchi~san took several trips with the mini truck, the 662 crew showed up to unload and move the pieces inside, and saori~chan was in charge of the finishing details.
thanks to all who helped organize the move and give the ramp a new and happy home.

the ramp in its original form was used by a projectskates sponsored skateclub at an international school.

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