twentyten[5] theme

create an html5 version of the twentyten theme for wordpress using the html5 boilerplate.

twentyten wordpress theme meets html5 boilerplate

2010 11 html5, css

mashing it up

i have been using html5 to create wordpress sites for some time now and was totally stoked when i came across the html5 boilerplate project put together by paul irish and friends.
i was not only stoked to find some comprehensive and well-documented building blocks, but also by the open-source and community approach to the idea.

while preparing to integrate some of the goodies from the boilerplate into a current project, i decided to throw together a quick mash-up of the boilerplate 0.9.5 code and the 1.1 (plus the ie9 header fix) version of the twentyten default theme for wordpress as a warm-up. i generally strip things down much more for a custom project but i left it all in there for twentyten-like application.
the plan was to preserve the look and functionality of twentyten, created by the wordpress team, and incorporate the html5 and css from the boilerplate.
hopefully this will be a solid theme as is and perhaps a useful starting point for some wp users and developers who want the juicyness of html5 and the features of wordpress 3.0.

this is currently an “as-is” offering so i am not too sure what, if anything, more will come of this, but if you find something useful or needing tweaking and there is some demand, let’s continue to develop this mash-up project…it’s a work in progress. much appreciation for all the people who are contributing heart and soul on both the wordpress side and the html5 boilerplate side.
rock the world.

i discovered that even with modernizr, unless i pull out most of the html5 elements, ie7 chokes on rendering the twenty ten menu style properly…so for now, here is a minimal html5 stripped down version that still implements some of the html5 approach and the best practices of the boilerplate. stay tuned.

download the code for twentyten[5] 1.1:

check out:


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