662 x site theme

create a custom iphone theme for the 662 trail dirt jump park 10th anniversary event.

2010 09 custom wordpress theme, html5, css

consulting, development

I checked the website theme and it made me excited because it is just my ideal.
so I want to operate it on my website!

–kossy, vh-lg.com and 662 x web admin

662 trail is an internationally-known dirt jump park built and maintained entirely by a community of riders.
november 2010 marks the 10th anniversary of mtb (taguchi~san) and bmx (miyaso~san) working together in harmony to create the radness that is 662.
the goal of this project was to create a simple, iphone-targeted wordpress theme that could be modified and adapted to promote the event and connect the community.
site design by kossy, code by davej.
kossy rocked the html5 and css brush-up lessons and within a week took over the site and made it his own.
nice work.

A video of the event:

662 Trail 10th Anniversary DirtJump Meeting from KNS.Lo on Vimeo.

beware of broken links! the original test code: html5.htm

the current site: 662.vh-lg.com

anti gravity system


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