lights february air arrangement

create an instrumental arrangement of a lights track

audio production by tamakizushi and davej

2009 02 instrumental accompaniment track

audio, recording, mixing, mastering

lights describes herself as a relatively small canadian musician.
a group of fourth and fifth grade students at an international school in japan had been following her since she hit the ‘net and were stoked to learn and perform one of her songs as part of their music class.
the goal of this project was to provide them a fun accompaniment track for their performance.
all of the audio is original, performed by tamakizushi, recorded and produced by davej.
thanks for making fun music and music fun, lights!

there was a video recording of the students performing their version but may have been lost in a hard drive crash. for now, the audio…

february air (leap year mix)

february air (leap year instrumental)

february air (seaside mix)

february air (seaside instrumental)



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