first lithuanian indoor – skatepark design

plan and design the layout of lithuania’s first indoor skatepark to be built by a local startup company.

2009 12 digital illustration

research, consulting, concept, design, layout, illustration, materials and sourcing

lithuania is home to at least a half-dozen well-known outdoor skateparks and has a thriving local skate scene.
three entrepreneurs, aleksandr, gintaras, and ieva decided it was time to bring it inside.
in collaboration with, we developed two final park layouts, one based on the original sketches of the investors and slated to be built in a former market and the other based on the local and global skate scene and destined for a smaller but more accessible location.

unfortunately, after encountering difficulties with a previous owner’s loan on the second property, the three entrepreneurs decided to regroup and we have heard no word of the project since…

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