camp qwanoes skatepark 2.0 deck

design and create digital artwork for a limited-edition skateboard to commemorate the opening summer of qwanoes skatepark 2.0

camp qwanoes park 2.0 deck design by davej and

2009 04 vector illustration 32.25 x 8.625 inches 300 dpi

concept, theme, design, vector and photo art, skating the new park

The boards were very popular with the campers, and we’ve no more left except for one we like to keep on display in the tuck store.
Thanks for designing such a cool skateboard.
All the best to you both.

– scott bayley, executive director

ten years after the first construction started on the original wooden skatepark lead by paul anderson and the projectskates crew in 1999 through 2003, camp qwanoes launches a new concrete park built by newline.
this canadian maple skate deck is inspired by the lines of the new park and incorporates a throwback to davej’s 2000 “cq” logo.



see the park at

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