ais 2.O

create a google apps web solution for an international school in kansai, japan.

2009 11 html, css, google apps for education

consulting, design, layout, illustration, photography, content, video

the school wanted to revamp the website but also add some more functionality and community features.
google apps for education seemed to be the best solution, allowing for integrated email, calendars, micro sites, password protected areas, and easy management at a much lower cost than the previous site (down to just the price of a domain name!).
the goal of this project was to provide a fresh look and feel to the website while retaining the positive features of the previous version.
using google apps for education allowed the school branding and identity to flow across all user areas and gave the in house school media department the tools they needed to take over the site after launch.

davej did most of the site photography and also created a school media channel on livestream and integrated it with the site to showcase some of the student videos the elementary class developed along with some of the live event feeds.

check out: aistv media channel project

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