the forgotten technology website recode

design and recode an historical information site to improve the navigation and presentation of content.

2007 01 design, wire framing, development

design, code, color, layout

the forgotten technology is an online demonstration of some working theories of ancient construction technology for moving large stones and blocks.
wallace wallington is pioneering a renaissance of human-powered construction technology designed for large-scale stone and concrete works.

the existing site used linear navigation and was heavily based on tables so the goal of the project was to clean up the code and improve accessibility between various parts of the site while staying true to the original design.
the simple, clean xhtml layout also made updating and managing the site much easier for the webmaster.
at the completion of the project, the finished code was delivered to the site administrator but the decision was made to hold off on the site update for awhile due to time constraints.

the code: site1/index1.htm

the original:

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