ywamconnect profile layout

assist in planning a re-design of a university social networking site.

2006 07 xhtml, css

design, development

handed your input and the websites over to the programmer of ycon.
thanks for your ideas on ycon, had similar thoughts and hope I can do the changes, especially in the myworld section.
about css, I am not so sure timewise, but let’s see.

–karin, ywamconnect rewrite project coordinator

in 2004, the university of nations social networking site was created within a very tight budget and launch deadline.
as the user base began to grow, the small development team expanded and decided a major overhaul was in order a couple of years later.
several individuals in the design and development community were asked to input suggestions and code as part of the project.

davej was involved only in the role of consultant and provided a quick html layout idea along with a proposal to give users the ability to include css within the page code for custom profile style.
the css proposal was implemented with the exception that some of the page items used sliced and table nested images making them difficult to override for the average user.

beware of broken links! the code: site/index1.htm

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