jfdts school website 1

create a promotional website for a short-term international cultural exchange school.

2004 09 xhtml, css, illustration, swf

layout, design, wire framing, illustration, development, content, photography, hosting



nate “is my homeboy” hakeem helped develop and lead the very first japan focus dts at the u of n in kona, hawaii which became the foundation for the japan focus school.
the school with its international collection of students was known for out-da-box thinking, rocking the house, challenging the sub-culture norms, and demonstrating a real love for the japanese people and culture.

the goal of this project was to create a site that would attract international students, communicate the core vision of the school, and become a point of contact for travelling students.
the site features student photography, a slick flash-to-image intro, a cultural blend of colors and style, and links to other useful japan-related sites.

beware of broken links! and the flash! the code: site/index1.htm

check out: jfdts class site project

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