website 1

create and develop a portfolio site for an international justice photographer.

2005 11 xhtml, css, swf animation

consulting, layout, design, wire framing, development, server admin set-up

thanks for helping me out with this! i so appreciate it like you don’t even know :D


tasha wanted to get her images and ideas out to the world via the web and the project began as an endeavor to convert collections of images and .pdf records of her travels into online albums.
it soon became evident that what she really needed was a proper online presence and some viable ways to document her travels and create value to support her work.

she worked with another designer to create a concept and layout for the front page and then davej worked together with her to create the code and layout for the rest of the site along with some templates and banners to work from.
tash gets mega bonus points for learning so much about html and the structure of web sites during the process that she was able to take over the content creation and site management completely.

the rebirth of capturedbytasha as just moments photography came in 2009 when she joined with her husband to create a remix of international justice work, freelance, and art photography.

beware of broken links! the code: index1.htm

new site:

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