pirates of skim composite prototypes

design and produce composite veneer skimboards for project skateboard co.


2004 4 plywood composite veneer, spray paint

concept, design, shaping, finishing, artwork

the skimboarding division of project skateboard and ramp design co. was well underway by early 2004.
the original projectskates skate-skim shape had been refined on the korea skim-trip to a versatile all around hybrid shape.
the goal of this project was to create a durable and cost-effective composite board for entry-level riders.

as with all the pirates of skim skimboards, these were produced entirely by hand from materials that were recycled or easily obtainable.
the material was a heavy-duty double sided fiberglass veneer plywood usually used to line semi-trailer boxes for shipping frozen freight.
the truck shop downtown used to get rid of their cut-off pieces regularly.
the heavy size was about 3/4″ thick and was great for building snowboard boxes and ledges while the thinner size was just about right for skimboards.
because both flat sides were already finished well, these were the least labour-intensive boards we made.
the process involved cutting to rough size, sanding top and bottom, curving in a custom-built clamp press for a few days, then cutting and shaping the final size before applying graphics and clear-coat.


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