camp qwanoes qds deck

create illustrated skateboard graphics for a canadian west-coast youth camp

skateboard deck design by project77

2002 05 hand illustration 32.25 x 8.625 inches

concept, design, font, illustration, colors

camp qwanoes wanted to continue to offer their own branded skateboard decks as part of their unique program on vancouver island.
having camp-branded decks on all of the skatepark boards helped reinforce the unified skatepark/camp experience and solidify the high level of quality and attention to detail in the skateboard program.
this deck features a logo and font created by davej for the camp and skate program that was also used on apparel and accessories sold in the camp store.

davej created a 1:1 scale hand drawing in b/w and colored ink that was then photographed, separated, and prepared by the screen printers.
the font was created through several steps of hand drawing and geometric scaling.
this is the first font design created for a client by davej.
in the final print, the font was replaced by a commercially available font in order to coordinate with the apparel designs.



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