camp qwanoes skatepark 1.0 deck

design and illustrate artwork for a limited-edition skateboard to commemorate the opening summer of qwanoes skatepark 1.0

skateboard deck design by project77

1999 05 hand illustration 32.25 x 8.625 inches

concept, design, illustration …and skating the new park

in early spring of 1999, the camp qwanoes skateboard program began to undergo a revolution.
seeing the need and opportunity to provide a unique learning experience for campers, the camp flew in legendary skater and park builder paul anderson for two weeks of intense construction.
the projectskates crew were stoked to be able to work with and learn from the man himself and contributed design work and labour to the original park as well as additions and renovations through to 2003.

to commemorate the new park, a custom limited edition deck was created and available only at the camp store.
as the first custom skateboard design for the first custom skatepark at camp qwanoes this marks two milestones in the qwanoes skate program.
props to cal’s pharmacy and portland skatechurch for donating trucks and wheels for park boards and safety gear for the campers.

this deck began as a hand painted vinyl banner davej created for the skatepark and was scaled down for use on the deck.
a hand drawing in b/w ink was photographed, separated, and prepared by the screen printers.
this is also the first production deck ever created with artwork by davej.


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