elk drop point hunter

create an integral drop-point hunter with split antler handle.

Crossed Heart Forge: custom knives

1996 05 forged and blued steel with brass-pinned antler handle, hand-stitched leather, and hand-tanned deer hide trim

salvaging, concept, forging, shaping, tempering, finishing, tanning, leatherwork

this blade was ground and forged from a piece of diamond-toothed circular concrete saw blade.
the hammer finished surface of the blade is blued to a rich grey black in contrast to the white weathered antler.
the shape is a slightly swept-back drop point hunter/skinner hybrid and the back of the tang is fileworked.
it was finished with a split and partially smoothed elk antler handle pinned with brass tube and a hand-stitched leather sheath.

the cream-colored leather trim is deer hide that i hand tanned in the traditional native way as part of an art/craft experiment in a high-school independent art study project.


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