pine shop ironwork

create a line of traditional ironwork items to compliment hand-crafted pine furniture.

crossed heart forge

1995 06 mild steel, copper, bronze

concept, design, forming, finishing

i built my first lean-to work shop in 1993 and was fortunate enough to be introduced to mike at the pine shop shortly thereafter.
the pine shop, located in calgary, specializes in beautifully crafted wooden furniture in standard and custom styles.
mike was looking for a local blacksmith who could provide a line of hand-forged items as well as fill custom orders for his customers.
working with the pine shop was a great experience for me, mike was always flexible in relation to my school schedule and helped me refine my marketing skills.

the majority of my orders from the pine shop were for ornamental items such as candle holders, chandeliers, door pulls, pot racks, and hinges in traditional styles.
i also had the honour to craft the iron parts of a custom designed log bed ordered by mr. kurt browning.
blacksmithing paid for almost half of my university tuition and the pine shop was instrumental in a good proportion of those sales.
thanks, mike…you rock!

kurt browning custom bed project

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