rv handcrafted umbrella handle

craft a custom handle from natural materials.

crafted by davej

2011 05 handcarved and wax-finished wood with aluminum fitting

concept, design, woodwork, finishing, mounting

what began as an intent to right a mishap became an opportunity for creative expression and creation of beauty.
when the stock plastic handle of a friend’s favorite umbrella snapped, i offered to try and glue or repair it.
as i thought about the best way to approach the repair i decided that a fresh start would be the most sound and expressive way to go.
i hopped on my bike and rode through the area parks looking for a piece of hardwood (tabunoki/persea machilus thunbergiiタブノキ) deadfall in good condition and then set to work.

the handle was cut, shaped, cleaned, sanded, and finished entirely by hand.
the only machining was to drill a hole to receive the umbrella shaft.
an aluminum bmx handgrip collar provides a rock-solid ferrule and holds the assembly together with no glue.
the wood is hand-buffed with a beeswax-based snowboard wax finish.


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