lights my boots snow mix

create an original mix of a lights acoustic track

audio production by tamakizushi and davej

2011 03 acoustic remix track

audio, mixing, mastering

lights describes herself as a relatively small canadian musician.
this is a mix based on an acoustic version of her song my boots.
the vocal flow lends itself well to a sort of trip hop dub chill feeling.
additional instruments performed by tamakizushi, recorded and produced in ableton live.
photo of soo jeong, a korean friend, enjoying a canadian snowfall.
we don’t actually have much snow in this part of j^pan, its more like a van winter.
thanks for making fun music and music fun, lights!

sorry for the empty space, ios users…follow the link to soundcloud until i get the html5 audio steez in…tomorrow?

Lights My Boots snowfalls mix project77 by project77



the real thing:

a similar original track on youtube

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