#jpeq art series

digitally remixed screenshots of selected social media and communication sites

art by davej

2011 03 digital/analog remixed images

concept, design, photography, color

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this project began as a response to the way technology and social media tools were appropriated by people in japan and around the world as the events unfolded in the minutes, hours, and days following the march 11th, 2011 earthquake.
at first i wanted to simply capture and document some of the natural and organic ways that these tools were involved and interacted with and ended up creating digital art using what i had gathered.

a select number of these works was used as a basis for a pecha kucha night presentation supporting relief efforts in the tohoku region of japan.
also see some of the original screen photos in the presentation video here: /2011/jpeq-presentation/

each of these works began as a photo of the computer screen, sometimes through a lens or distortion layer and altered through a process of down-sampling using a digital camera, some automatic filtering, color tweaking, and other additions and subtractions.
these were selected from several larger finished sets that are grouped more on visuals than on the relationship of the original content.


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